RESNET Combustion Safety Testing

The EnergyLogic Academy is offering three pathways for existing RESNET Home Energy Raters and Rating Field Inspectors to meet the certification update requirements for RESNET Combustion Safety Testing. Our desire is to provide flexibility in meeting this new requirement while ensuring that the professionals in our industry receive proper training. We strongly believe that everyone should have hands-on time with the equipment and testing processes. However, we also recognize that many Raters already have the skill with the equipment and processes.

The duration listed under each option is the length of time in days that you are enrolled in the EnergyLogic Academy learning management system. 

Option 1 - Online Only

The first option is only available to Raters that can provide documentation of field training with the diagnostic equipment associated with combustion safety training. This can include documentation of BPI Building Analyst certification, BPI Envelope Professional, and or demonstration of competency with the equipment and testing processes.


  • EnergyLogic Academy Online Course:
    • Learning Resources - Combustion Safety Overview
    • Learning Resources - RESNET Combustion Safety Testing
    • Activity - RESCaz - InterPlay Energy
    • Social - Hall of Shame
    • Practice Exam - 25 Question
    • RESNET Written Exam
    • RESNET RESCaz Simulated Exam


  • EnergyLogic Academy - $100.00
  • InterPlay Energy RESCaz Training & Exam - $199.00
  • RESNET Written Exam - $50.00


Option 3 - Online + 1 Day Field Labs + 1 Day Test Prep & Test Proctoring

This option includes all of the items in options 1 and 2 plus a second day with EnergyLogic for test prep and proctored examination. 


  • Everything in Option 1 & 2 plus
  • Test Prep
  • Practice with RESCaz with Instructor
  • Proctored Written Examination
  • Proctored RESCaz Simulated Exam


  • EnergyLogic Academy - $100.00
  • Field Training Day 1 - $300.00*
  • Test Prep & Proctored Exams - $150.00
  • Interplay Energy RESCaz Training & Test - $199.00
  • RESNET Written Exam - $50.00

*Requires a minimum of 3 participants. 

Duration : 

Select Field Training Dates: 


RESNET Combustion Safety Training (Hybrid) Nov 12, 2015