RESNET HERS Rater Training from the EnergyLogic Academy

This training is designed to produce well grounded basic energy raters capable of conducting energy ratings on new homes. It will provide a comprehensive oversight of the field of building science. The student will be exposed to the breadth and depth of building science and its many applications to the everyday world of energy raters and ratings. The introduction will segue into more detailed examinations of the basic building blocks of building science.

The online course is the first step in a three step process for certification. It covers all of the book and classroom materials necessary for raters. Step two is completed by joining EnergyLogic, or a proxy trainer, for 4 days of field training. During the second step you will learn the field diagnostics and complete your practice ratings.

Step three of the certification process requires you to select an accredited RESNET provider. After picking the provider you will be required to complete at least three probationary ratings under the guidance of the provider's QA delegate. After successful completion of the probationary rating phase you will earn the HERS Rater certification.

HERS Rater Training - Classroom Phase (Step 1)
HERS Rater Training - Field Phase (Step 2)
Rater Training Supplemental for BPI Building Analysts Online (Step 1)
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HERS Rater Training - Combo


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